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Here are some of our most popular current resources:

Resources for ArtFriedrich introduces you to an unusual database of high-quality paintings, some by famous and many by little-known painters, that seem to be united by a theme of spirituality or inwardness.

DetectionResources for Detecting and Deterring Academic Fraud links to an article by notorious ghostwriter David Tomar, a.k.a. Ed Dante. Tomar wrote everything from undergraduate term papers to dissertations. He knows the industry and has something for all teachers and profs to consider.

Resources for Introductory EthicsControversial Ethical Topics links to an article outlining 12 current controversial ethical issues in America. Students and professors alike will find paper topic ideas, summaries, and links to major sources.

Resources for Introductory LogicLogic Notes links to an extensive note packet to supplement 100-level Introductory Logic courses. The material is mostly based off of Copi and Cohen Introduction to Logic, Hurley’s Concise Introduction to Logic, or Geisler and Brooks, Come Let Us Reason.

Resources for Shakespeareshakespeare links to a database maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which allows you to access any scene from any play of the Bard’s almost instantly, with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Resources for U.S. Historydeclaration of independence leads you to a database maintained by the Library of Congress, which contains copies of all the most famous (and many lesser-known) documents from the history of our country, such as The Declaration of Independence, The Emancipation Proclamation, and many, many others.

ghostwriter at workResources for Understanding the Ghostwriting Business links to our article discussing the ins and outs of academic ghostwriting. Learn the players involved, their sales pitches, and the sheer size of the industry. Academic fraud via ghostwriting is a serious problem going, in too many cases, undetected.

SmartphonesResource for Helping You Stay Organized, with a Smartphone links to our article providing tips to help you maximize the utility of your smartphone. Take control of your semester with the power of your smartphone!

lost focusResources for ADD/ADHD Students links to our article laying out 10 tips to help ADD/ADHD students, or any restless, easily distracted students, succeed. These tips have proven helpful for most students, ADD or not. Most likely, you will find a tip to help you!

Online students scholarshipsResources for Online Student Scholarships Online students have many of the same scholarship opportunities as traditional students, and in some cases more. As online programs proliferate, more funding opportunities will appear. See what scholarship might await you today!

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