The Best Programs for Clinical Hypnosis: How to Become a Professional Hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnosis Programs

SUMMARY If you want to use hypnosis to help people with health and personal growth, you’ll need to become either a medical practitioner (such as a nurse, dentist, MD, or chiropractor) or a counselor of some sort (such as a clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, or social worker). Other counseling options include motivational speaker, life coach, […]

The 50 Best Private Day Schools in the United States


Private day schools are popular options for families seeking a high-quality education. Students receive a world-class education while maintaining their residence with their families. A great private day school—that is, a private high school without boarding facilities—will challenge students to achieve not only academic success, but personal success as well. (Compare our articles The 50 Best Public […]

The 50 Best Colleges in the United States

50C. College of the OzarksRankings of America’s best colleges exist all over the web, so why is offering yet another? Because we have a ranking that’s interesting and useful. Most rankings of America’s best colleges list the usual suspects: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, in the East. In the West, Stanford, Berkeley, Caltech. In the Midwest, the University of [...]

Deep Springs College—A Great College and a Best-Kept Secret


Deep Springs College—one of the most unusual higher-education institutions in the United States—is nestled in a remote valley in the California desert. This distinctive, liberal arts college is situated on a cattle ranch/alfalfa farm in the Inyo-White Mountains, just east of the Owens Valley and the Sierra Nevada range, not far from the Nevada state […]

The 10 Best Startup Accelerators: Boot Camps for the Internet Entrepreneur


A startup accelerator (or incubator) is a school where aspiring Internet entrepreneurs turn their vision for an online business into a reality. Say you have a great idea for a new online product or service, but you don’t have much money or experience to start your own business. An accelerator brings together the talented people, […]

Recognized Schools for Children with Autism


Selecting a school for an autistic child, especially one who is not high-functioning, is a heavy responsibility. The decision may have a profound and long-lasting impact on the child’s life and family. Because autism is so heart-rending, parents are often willing to try and do just about anything to help their autistic child. Taking a second […]

How We Profile Schools

Oxford University

We are That is why we think it important to highlight academically distinguished colleges and universities. Often schools distinguish themselves in comparison with other schools, which is why we provide rankings of colleges, universities, and their degree programs (go here). But sometimes the issue is not how well a school is doing in comparison […]

Prager University—Some Notes


Well-known radio talk-show host and conservative pundit, Dennis Prager, has inaugurated an interesting, if somewhat offbeat, Internet educational experiment. He has assembled a group of like-minded television and radio personalities in order to put together a package of short video lectures on a variety of topics from a conservative political perspective. The videos incorporate high […]

The Best Online Baseball (and Softball) Hitting Academy


Hitting a baseball well is one of the toughest things to do in all of sports. Even otherwise great athletes never master the art. Consider, for instance, Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland A’s and lead character in the upcoming movie Moneyball, who was bigger, stronger, and faster than anyone the year he was […]

The Best Short Course in Economics


At, we treat the concept of “schools” quite broadly. Certainly, we include in the concept secondary and higher education, in which one earns a diploma or degree. But we also include any course of study in which significant learning occurs, even if the time spent is quite short. When it comes to economics, we […]

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