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  • Peter J. Boettke InterviewOne of the most influential Austrian economists today and George Mason economics professor, Boettke talks to us about Austrian Theory and his book Living Economics: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.
  • William Dembski InterviewA leading thinker about design in biology, Dembski discusses his varied career as a mathematician, philosopher, and theologian, offering insights about how to deal with controversy in the academy.
  • Jennifer Michael Hecht InterviewAn atheist in the best humanistic tradition, Hecht displays a sensitivity and insight to the human religious impulse that’s foreign to the more strident atheists like Sam Harris.
  • Michael Licona InterviewLicona, Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University, talks to us about his book (a standard for Resurrection historicity) The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Histiographical Approach.
  • Greg Lukianoff InterviewPresident of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), Lukianoff talks to us about the infringement upon free-speech rights of students on America’s college campuses.
  • Sally Satel InterviewA trenchant critic of reductive neuroscience, Satel authored Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience. In this interview, we discuss this book, its ideas, and what led her to write it.

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