Becoming a Graphic Designer in the World of Design

The Bean

Did you ever stop to think about the importance of design in your life? From the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night, you are working and playing within an environment largely built by human hands—an environment that has been specially designed by someone for your benefit. We all live […]

What Does It Take to Be a Leader?

Organizational Leadership

Two things are required to be a leader. One consists of intangible qualities such as self-confidence, character, charisma. The other consists of knowledge, skills, and competence so deeply ingrained as to become second nature—it’s “in the bones.” But can these two aspects of leadership be taught? If you’ve come to this page, you are already […]

The 20 Best Financial Management Certificate Programs

Financial Management

Students who receive a certificate in financial management can become financial managers, finance analysts, financial planners, or corporate finance consultants, as well as prepare for doctoral or professional programs in law and business. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are currently 495,180 individuals employed as financial managers in America, and their […]

The 10 Best Online Paralegal Associate’s Degree Programs


Are you hooked on watching old episodes of TV’s Law & Order? Chances are you have noticed the savvy legal assistants, or paralegals, who help the lawyers assemble all the facts related to their cases. Becoming a paralegal can offer you a challenging and interesting career with opportunities for growth and advancement. Paralegals conduct research […]

The Top 20 Online Associate of Business Administration Degree Programs


If you ask someone what he or she is majoring in, and they respond “business,” you might make the general assumption that they are heading into a career centered on making a lot of money. Not that there’s anything wrong with making a lot of money! But, actually, the realm of business is quite a […]

The 20 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs in Psychology


A Bachelor’s in Psychology degree program prepares students for careers in social work, social services, community relations, market research and more. On its own, a bachelor in psychology degree opens up the doors of the workforce or leads a student back into the classroom for an advanced degree. Individuals can pair the versatile psychology major […]

The Top 20 Online Christian Colleges

online christian colleges

Education is shifting. Computer screens supplant classrooms. YouTube and Skype dominate lecture circuits. Not only can you go to class in your pajamas, you might not need to get out of bed. Meanwhile, student demands are as steep as ever. Schools need to be low cost, high quality, easy access, and give “cash-value” results. A […]

20 Best Online Master’s Degrees in Substance Abuse Counseling


As more and more people suffer from abuse and addiction, the demand for licensed counselors grows. An online Master in Substance Abuse Counseling degree, a wise investment, typically meets the education requirement for licensure. Whether you are already working in the mental health field or just exploring a career change, a master’s degree in Substance […]

The 20 Best Online Master of Education Degree Programs


There are a variety of reasons why those working in the field of education might wish to attain a Master of Education degree. Some may choose to gain initial teacher licensure* through graduate work, whereas seasoned educators may aspire to go into administrative positions. Teachers in Massachusetts, Ohio, and New York are required to have […]

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