What Does It Take to Be a Leader?

Organizational Leadership

Two things are required to be a leader. One consists of intangible qualities such as self-confidence, character, charisma. The other consists of knowledge, skills, and competence so deeply ingrained as to become second nature—it’s “in the bones.” But can these two aspects of leadership be taught? If you’ve come to this page, you are already […]

The 20 Best Financial Management Certificate Programs

Financial Management

Students who receive a certificate in financial management can become financial managers, finance analysts, financial planners, or corporate finance consultants, as well as prepare for doctoral or professional programs in law and business. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are currently 495,180 individuals employed as financial managers in America, and their […]

The Top 20 Online Associate of Business Administration Degree Programs


If you ask someone what he or she is majoring in, and they respond “business,” you might make the general assumption that they are heading into a career centered on making a lot of money. Not that there’s anything wrong with making a lot of money! But, actually, the realm of business is quite a […]

The 25 Best Business Jobs

business careers

The best business jobs go to people with excellent interpersonal, managerial, and analytical skills, as well as business experience and a solid education. Many companies seek candidates for business jobs with marketing, finance, business administration, accounting, computer, or mathematical skills. Employers also seek candidates with professional certification and licensing.   Many employers look for business […]

The 10 Best Online Master in Finance and MBA in Finance Degree Programs


Individuals with a Master of Finance degree, or an MBA in Finance, often navigate the world of complicated financial instruments and regulatory requirements on behalf of companies and financial institutions throughout the world. Individuals who know how to acquire and manage money are valued in just about every industry, including nonprofits and government agencies. Those […]

The 10 Best Online MBA in Marketing Programs


An online MBA in Marketing program prepares you for high-level positions and new opportunities. In a competitive job market, an MBA with a specialization in marketing helps you stand out from the crowd. If you enjoy the challenges of increasing market share, reaching new customers, and building a corporate brand, then a marketing MBA is […]

The 20 Best Online Master in Human Resources Degree Programs


A Master in Human Resources degree provides graduates an edge on the competition, especially for human resources management positions. Human resources (HR) is now one of the top business administration priorities at most companies. Thriving businesses need great employees. They require talented and technically skilled employees to gain an edge in the marketplace—that’s why HR […]

The 20 Best IT Jobs for 2013 and Beyond


Information Technology (IT) careers are expected to experience substantial growth during the current decade. Hot areas for IT jobs include cloud computing, information security, mobile and Web-based games and apps, and Web analytics used to enhance business functions and user experience. Just about every company and organization has a vital computer-related component for getting the […]

The 20 Best Online Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Programs


An online Bachelor of Business Administration degree provides the vital managerial and financial skills in demand by companies throughout the world. The online Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) degree—one of the most popular online bachelor’s degrees—teaches students how to manage people and numbers. and how to improve a company’s performance. The programs cover how businesses […]

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