Science, Education, and Competing Theories

Competing Theories

At we care deeply about the way public education interacts with the broader culture—especially with the philosophical, scientific, and religious ideas that are circulating in the media today. One of the most important of all questions facing us as citizens—both as voters and as contributors to our common public discourse—is the proper role of […]

Greg Lukianoff Interview

greg lukianoff

Greg Lukianoff is President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a political and legal advocacy group supporting the free-speech rights of students on America’s college campuses. A self-described left-leaning liberal politically, Mr. Lukianoff worked for the ACLU (American Civil liberties Union) and OAR (Organization for Aid to Refugees), as well as for […]

Caroline Crocker Interview


Dr. I. Caroline Crocker is a cell biologist whose passion is to promote good science, based on impartial evaluation of evidence rather than blind adherence to consensus. According to her, it is vital to the health, prosperity, and even faith of our nation that science be freed from the constraints of financial, political, and religious motives. For this […]

Great Teachers: Mary Poplin


Mary S. Poplin holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Texas at Austin. A former public-school teacher, she is currently Professor of Education at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. Dr. Poplin has come to the attention of those concerned with public education in America for two different reasons. First, as the director […]

Political Bias in the University Classroom


The Contrarian Forum has provided us with a record (here) of a spirited and interesting debate that took place on the campus of the University of Oregon in 2008 on the topic of “Political Bias in the University Classroom.” The debate is between Cary Nelson, Professor of English at the University of Illinois (Urbana/Champaign), and […]

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